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Businesses work great with Rest, and we’re great at using rest to connect you to everything, so leave the “Rest“ to us. We also integrate with older API’s such as Soap for all the businesses that like to stay classic. At InfoSysCorp we believe its the connections that matter, so having software that handles WebSockets, and can work with Salesforce makes it the InfoSysCorp standard. Whether you want to make authentications, financial transfers, or just want some integration with your CRM, InfoSysCorp’s got you.
From your Data Lake to our software, all the way to the Data warehouse of your choice, we’re there with you. We work with Amazon, Azure, SQL, and Oracle to transfer your data, process, and hold it. Along with those servers, we work with any type of server, so no worries your data works with us. We make secure transfers of Data between all these services which are compliant to US Law. With our Data Integrations, you’re guaranteed that every server set up works. We make access to servers easy, accessible, and cross compatible.
Your Systems, Our Software, a perfect pair. We integrate your systems with our software to enhance your systems so you have greater options of customization. With us you can restructure, upgrade, and fix your System’s components which aren’t working too well, and make them stand out. We work with any ERP system, whether its trading, financing, marketing, or a mix. Our Software Experts can consult you on how to make your system better integrated with API’s, and how to make your system more customizable.

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