ERP/CRM Systems

We create custom Enterprise Resource Planning solutions for all types of business by integrating current CRM software such as Salesforce, NetSuite, OracleCX, Microsoft Dynamics and Agile with our software so you have a comprehensive business tool solution.

Our Custom ERP

A top quality solution for a top quality business. We do a lot, here’s some of our options.

Finance and Accounting

Inventory Managment

Purchases and Acquisitions

Human Resources

Quality Managment

Manufacturing and Process Manufacturing Management (MES)

Sales Management

Start Resource Planning with Us

Our Enterprise Resource Planning custom software makes integrated management of main business processes easy with our real-time software.

MES Systems
We make software that makes production manageable. We know how to make cost-saving easy with our streamlined Order Entries, Advanced Production Scheduling, and Operator Support. Efficiency in MES is our prerogative, we make sure you’ll be yielding the most in the least amount of time. We link direct data from PLM pipelines to optimize your business.

Finance Systems
Sales, Purchases, Accounting. The systems we create are certified regulatory compliant, with real time insight. We know that order scheduling, shipping, and invoicing can be a hassle, with us it’s automated and simple to manage. Our systems analyze the numbers, we can get your accounts on track to making more money, reduce employee costs, and raising the profitability of current assets.

Logistics Systems
Our Logistics Systems are there so the production components are there on time, every time. Sourcing and Procurement, with our system requisitions and payment are in one place, with a custom software solution from us you’ll be able to both with one click. Lets link up your business with our Supply Chain software to deal with efficiency, risks and profits. Lets go green, our Field Service Management is all online, so you can see all your products on route to your clients.

CRM Systems

  • Easy of Access
  • Customization
  • Integration
CRM works only when you understand how it works. So we manage your company’s interaction with clients today in a straightforward fashion, full transparency. We also create software that lets you look at how you could handle future potential customers with graphs and other Power BI tools. Our Data Experts make a custom comprehensive analysis software and easy to view on our online compact tools. You don’t need to have 12 degrees to understand what’s happening with your system when you work with us.
We make your software custom-made, we know how cookie-cutter systems don’t fit all the needs, so we work with other CRM systems and make software that works for you. Our UI/UX can be changed to any format you want, even as simple as a small window that pops up so you can see what’s going on in Salesforce. We make Leads Management, Sales, and Business Reports generated from your favorite CRM software easy-to-view.
We work with many CRM affiliates such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, Bullhorn, Oracle CX, Agile and many more. We can use their API’s to make a compact tool for you analyze data, and make clear business decisions. Our Data Experts use your client’s history on Microsoft Dynamics with your company so customer retention is high and your sales growth is consistent using Salesforce. Using Agile we can make easy graphs pop up, all which could be stored on Oracle CX. And we get you, resumes are annoying to sort through, so we work with Bullhorn so you can analyze them on our software while working on sales.

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