Big Data and Database Solutions

InfoSysCorp's Professional Data Services go from creating a whole new Database for you to processing Big Data and sending it to a Data Warehouse of your choice.

Create your Business Database with Us

You give us data, we make a secure private database for your business. We create databases for Invoices, Leads Management, Business Expenses, Healthcare Patients, and more. We work with SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL. Our databases are secured and certified by field professionals, with a 100% guarantee of never losing data. We do optimized queries and stored procedures. We have Multi-cloud support with many partners such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and MySQL servers to provide you the best database possible.

We handle Big Data

Analysis, Transfer, Security. We make custom software for your analyzing needs, utilizing Hadoop, Spark, DataTorrent RTS, Hydra, and Big Query to create an all in one experience. Best known for our low latency, high speed data transfer from your databases to our custom software, using tools like Kafka, Jocko, and NATS Streaming. Every business has different needs so getting a customized software that has all the other services in one is a done deal. We hope to create your one tool for Big Data. Using Microsoft Power BI and our Big Data analysis with the custom software we build for you has easy to understand info-graphics, reports and dashboards. We make it easy for you to process and transfer massive amounts of data to an understandable form with our custom software.

Databases and Big Data Software

Analyze Effectively

Create Intelligently

• Automatic logging
• Compare data over any period of time
• Compute data in real time
• Generate reports at any time
• Programming advanced features like replication and internal audit

• Cloud and FTP access
• Developing very optimized queries, stored procedures
• Follow all security regulations and laws
• We develop ETL
• Database integrations, file import

Why InfoSysCorp?

InfoSysTrade’s industry-leading suite of automatic hedging software reduces the risks of an ever-changing market.

Top Tier Access
Our solutions use top level Cloud and Data Warehouse providers to secure the best service. And as a technology partner of Microsoft Azure and, Amazon AWS, we connect to all of the world’s major Data Warehouses.

Full Range of Options
We have World Class programming for distributed applications and we use our data experts to adjust the workload to the cloud databases

Systems Integration
Fully compatible with Amazon RedShift, Snowflake, MongoDB, and other non-InfoSysCrop database systems.

Any Data, Any Schema

Our customers rely on us to make working databases for their businesses to work.

Abstract Data
Leads Management
Healthcare Patients
Fees and Business Transactions
Client List

Any Structure

InfoSysCorp is prepared to handle any type of Data from a Data Lake or Bucket and analyze it.


Better Analysis

InfoSysCorp has synthesized hundreds of thousands of vital data for its clients with its robust 5 tool solution plan for any custom software by automatically analyzing strategies and routing to the Data Warehouse.

Businesses relying on us
Data Transfers Per Day